Friday, March 30, 2012

The New Mixtape from Harlem's Own Am3n titled "Biggie Season"

Harlem's Own @canigetA_AM3N brings you a collection of street certified tracks representing the true essences of new york city. The new mixtape titled "Biggie Season" will remind you of that classic New York City SOund. Am3n showcases his rhyming skills as well as hi street anthem hooks, and hardcore vocals. The collection also showcases some of Harlem's dopest new producers such as Mr. Instrumental, and Da Drizzle. It also includes production from heavywieghts such as Vinny Idol. Its a dope mixtape and you should check it out.!!!
SHout out to Lord Piff @YoursTrulyLordP and F.A.U!! Harlem We here!


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